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IT’S SECOND THURSDAY AGAIN! That means I’ll be back at the Barca Lounge with Adam Kessler on drums and Phil Sparks on bass for some good ole hard swinging, soulful, blues drenched sounds. Come join us…Read more

The Bernie Jacobs Quartet (BJQ) will be performing at Brickyard Brewing North Bend Public House from 9pm to midnight. Featuring Brian Kirk on drums, Dan Kramlich on piano, Ev Stern and Bernie on horns and vocals…Read more

The Bernie Jacobs Quartet will be playing at White Center on Sunday , July 17th starting at 1:30pm. This edition of BJQ will be featuring original members Charles ( Chuck) Kistler on bass and Eric Verlinde…Read more

Boxley’s has been a preferred destination for lovers of jazz in the Pacific Northwest since it opened. Boxley’s has it all. Great food, drink service and of course, marvelous music! The cream of the Northwest crop perform…Read more

The Bernie Jacobs Quartet featuring John Hansen piano, Phil Sparks bass, and Greg Williamson drums will be performing at Boxley’s Jazz Club from 7:30 – 10pm. A superior music venue, Boxley’s is touted by major jazz…Read more

I’ll be doing my thing with the always-swinging Tony Foster on piano this evening come out and enjoy this duo. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how mightily this duo grooves! Get there early so you’ll get…Read more

Jazz Unlimited is a new venture produced by Bart Goft and Charles White in order to keep jazz music going on the Eastside. The Waving Tree Winery promises to be an ideal venue for jazz loving,…Read more

Start your New Year off swingingly! Come on out to Boxley’s in beautiful North Bend to experience BJQ (the Bernie Jacobs Quartet), featuring Bill Anschell on piano, Phil Sparks on bass, Greg Williamson on drums and Bernie on vocals…Read more

This quintet is a favorite at Egan’s and always fills the room! A tasty combination of original tunes and jazz standards is a winning formula for this swinging quintet. Rick Spano drums, Jeff Davies bass, Greg…Read more

The Dynamic Trio returns on November 13th!!! Adam Kessler drums, Phil  Sparks bass, and yours truly, Bernie Jacobs on reeds and vocals. You can’t beat this versatile trio for  bluesy, groove-drenched jazz music. The Barca Lounge is the…Read more